We help people REACH their athletic and performance goals


Start your fitness journey with Urban Athletic Club

At Urban Athletic Club we offer comprehensive, progressive Strength, Conditioning, and Athletic-inspired fitness training delivered via group classes, personal training, and guided coaching. Start off with fitness baselines, test your performance quarterly, and learn the science behind the sweat. 


Our signature group training program, Urban Athlete, combines athletic-inspired drills with strength training, HIIT, and endurance conditioning. 

Our CrossFit program, CrossFit Shaw, combines barbell lifts, gymnastic moves, and high-intensity met-cons. 

When you're crushed from workouts, our RESET program helps you with active recovery, mobility, and flexibility


Our coaches are nationally-certified professionals who make fitness their life.  Each UAC location is a unique fitness playground with open space for movement training, tons of gear like sleds, barbells, Kettlebells, TRX trainers, gymnast rings and jump boxes. 


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