why reset?

It all started when...

...I continually saw the same movement imbalances with my clients and athletes. Squats weren't full depth, shoulders lacked full mobility, knees and lower back soreness was common. Yet, even with these limitations, the goals were similar: lose weight, put on muscle, get back to a routine, live a longer, more awesome life. 

Most every fitness concept is about "more, more, more" and "you can do it, just go harder!". But that leaves a big opening for pain, stress, overuse, and, ultimately, quitting the routine. 

The RESET concept is about getting your body back to full ability so you can push hard, climb mountains, lift objects overhead, play sports with your friends, your kids, your competition. It's about un-learning all the bad habits from chairs, heels, sidewalks, and (the biggest culprit) work and the stress it brings. 

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