Who is the Urban Athlete?

We start by thinking about who we are training. The Urban Athlete leads a demanding lifestyle. From business meetings and brunches, friends and family commitments, a busy work life and even busier social life, the time available for fitness is quite often limited so it has to be focused. At the same time you want run a faster 10K, get a quicker first-step for your soccer league, and be able to crush your snowboarding trip. You also want to look and feel awesome. But you only have an hour, max, and that’s gotta include breaking a sweat, getting in some core, and building muscle. Oh, and you want to have fun, be with other fun people, and leave feeling great.

How the Urban Athlete Class meets those demands

We are about offering fun, challenging fitness classes that are created and taught by energetic, knowledgeable coaches. The Urban Athlete classes are both efficient and effective in improving clients athletically, both in appearance and performance. 

Let’s start by breaking down the first part. This belief centers around the concept that when training is fun, results come easy. This applies in both short- and long-term fitness goals.  Our coaches have an athletic, competitive spirit that is encouraging; we then provide them with a class format that combines our methodology with their unique knowledge and ability. This means that you get the best of the coach, not someone who is just repeating what some corporate workout. 

We create challenging workouts that are comprehensive in nature and accommodating in scale.  We include universal athletic elements: speed, quickness, and agility; body control and mobility; strength and power. These elements are then programmed in a scale that will challenge both the rookie and the veteran.  For instance, when writing a class we’ll program 5-15 reps at a time, not 50. We want to see quality every rep. This attention to detail is an important element in giving you the best fitness experience.

We remove the hurdles to start training. We do this from both a programming and a pricing strategy.  When creating classes we chose exercises that are quick to learn, not overly technical. This removes the downtime of reviewing complicated lifts or movements. And, for example, from a scientific standpoint, the physiological differences between a box jump and a broad jump are minimal. But only one (the box jump) has an added risk of injury.  

Our pricing strategy removes the typical financial hurdle of starting a fitness routine. We don’t charge enrollment fees, cancellation fees, or account hold fees. Our monthly and class pass packages are priced competitively for both the regular attendee and the drop-in, priced to allow growth for the company, and provide a fair compensation to the coaching staff.

Finally, we want to fully-engage our athletes in order to get the most out of their training session. We keep the technology to a minimum. Much of modern society centers around staring at screens, whether it’s an iPhones, a computer, or some other video monitor (like the one now!). We allow athletes to focus on the exercises and their body during the training session, not what a device says they’re doing. Wearables like HR monitors and FitBits can produce inaccurate results, lead to decreased focus, and sometimes reduce the fun factor.

That’s it. This is what we’re about. We hope this inspires you to continue training with us.