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we are a training gym

athletes don't do random workouts, why should you?

We believe in creating well-thought out programming blocks that allow our athletes to track and measure strength improvements, purposely learn new skills, and improve overall health through progressive strength and conditioning training.

You’ll have a stronger mind, not just a stronger body and see unexpected improvements in other areas of your life. Because when you take care of your body, that energy and increased focus gives you an edge to achieve pretty much anything.

Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.
— Mark Rippetoe
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It's all about the program

We focus on timeless, compound movements. Bench, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and Olympic lifts combined with conditioning and athletic drills.

These movements recruit more muscle and require more physical effort than any of their counterparts. They burn more fat and build more lean muscle. This methodology of training delivers more results in a shorter period of time than any other program.



Weekly Themes

All classes are 55 minutes and include a dynamic warm up, mobility work, strength, skill, power, conditioning, motivation, and camaraderie.


→ Mondays & Thursdays: Strength Day

Strength is the limiting factor in all human movements. Focus on hypertrophy, range-of-motion, and correcting imbalances. For those looking to build and define muscles, make gains, get stronger, and improve technique.

→ Tuesdays & Fridays: Skill + Conditioning Day

Improve conditioning via combinations of short-intense and long-endurance WODs. Improve your skills in Olympic Lifts, Gymnastics movements, and other functional movements. For those looking to burn fat, learn new tricks and skills, increase endurance, and be guaranteed a good sweat.

→ Wednesdays & Saturdays: Athlete Day

Top-end speed, explosive power, coordination and agility; these are all elements that not only make us more athletic, but also better humans. Combining strength and conditioning with athletic movements this day is for those looking to build, burn, learn, and COMPETE. Compete against fellow members and most importantly, yourself!


new to strength training?

→ Check out our Intro Athlete Program

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