Urban Athlete | Fitness

What is Urban Athlete?

Urban Athlete is a team-based, comprehensive, workout combining athletic movements, body-weight, and strength training. Classes use dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, agility ladders, med balls, and jump ropes. 

Each day has a theme (Strength, Conditioning, Hybrid) with the coach creating a unique workout for each day.


Daily Themes



Strength is the limiting factor in all human movements. Urban Athlete Strength days make you stronger, help you master movements, and build muscle. We're also very particular on moving with correct form as poor form is a recipe for injury, erratic performance, and false gains. 

Each session ends with an intense conditioning component. 

Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.
— Mark Rippetoe



On these days we will focus on all types of conditioning, including High Power/Short Duration, Moderate Power/Moderate Duration, and Low Power/Long Duration. These workouts will challenge your body's 3 energy systems (ATP-PC, Glycolytic, and Oxidative) which is the key to achieving your athletic potential. 




Hybrid days combine Strength/Skill and Conditioning. Your entire body will be challenged to move with strength and power, skill and grace, speed and agility.