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What is ROMWOD?

ROMWOD stands for Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day. It is a website that provides daily videos designed to increase range of motion, optimize athletic performance, and promote healing, recovery, and longevity.

How will ROMWOD improve my training?

Increased ROM leads to better position and recovery in all Weightlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and Athletic/Fundamental movements. Achieving better position leads to increased power and efficiency and decreased chance for injury.

ROMWOD's focus on breathing techniques prepares your mind for battle. Your body is capable of doing anything your mind allows it to do, so training your mind to focus through any challenge will increase performance in the gym, on the field, and in life.

3 Phases of ROMWOD:

  1. PrepareOpen your joints to achieve optimal position and boost your performance

  2. Recover: Reset your mind and speed your body's natural recovery

  3. Increase: Increase your range of motion and mental toughness


Traditional "Stretching" vs. ROMWOD

ROMWOD is not stretching. Stretching is something that you do to your muscles after you train. ROMWOD is designed to open the body. Routines are designed to help the connective tissue os the body stay strong and healthy by creating gentle traction on the fascial tissues of the body. This also increases the body's ability to fall into proper alignment while performing functional movements and helps to prevent injuries that are associated in the joints. When you train in the gym, you build strong muscles. When you train with ROMWOD, you build strong joints.

Yoga vs. ROMWOD

The difference between yoga and ROMWOD is the focus on maintaining strength while increasing ROM. As an athlete using ROMWOD, you will not sacrifice power for flexibility. ROMOD is not training you to be more flexible, it is training your joints to open and strengthen at the same time.

But much like yoga, ROMWOD places an emphasis on developing a "Warrior Mentality". Training your mind to focus and remain calm when everything else in your body is telling you to panic. A big part of this is through breathing techniques and control exercises which directly apply to training in the gym.

What to expect

ROMWOD's videos are programmed daily to that athletes can simply log in, push play, and have 10-60 minute class. Depending on the time you have available, athletes can choose the length of the video to watch where you will be guided to hold postures, work on breathing, and learn to focus just like a regular class.

It is accessible to anyone regardless of your current ROM. In ROMWOD, you hold natural positions and allow time and gravity to open you up without forcing the body into positions or depth it is not ready for. It is important to understand that ROM is achieved over time, not in one or two stretching sessions; results will happen over time.

Best time to do romwod

It is designed to be done just about any time; first thing in the morning, an hour before training, 5-minutes before training, after work, or right before going to bed. Regardless of when it is done, when you are consistent with doing ROMWOD, you will reap the benefits.

It is not recommended to do ROMWOD after training when your body is warm. It is designed to be done when the body is cool.

ROMWOD is also NOT a warm up. It is designed to open the body up without warming the body up. If you body warms up, then it is going to cool down, and when it cools down you are going to tighten up again. ROMWOD can be done before training but you will still want to perform a dynamic warm up before training.


It is available for athletes to use during Open Gym Hours in the back Mobility Room. If you have any additional questions please let us know!

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