Working Out On An Empty Tank?


How important is pre-workout nutrition?

You wouldn’t go on a road trip with an empty tank, so why would you work out without fueling up? Providing your body with the fuel it needs can help you stay energized, build muscle, and speed up post-workout recovery. Not only that, but you’ll see improved performance and better results with a pre-workout meal. 

For optimum pre-workout nutrition, aim for a snack with 5 to 15 grams of protein and 15 to 30 grams of carbs. It can help you fuel your body and stay energized throughout your workout. Going for a long endurance workout? You may benefit from additional calories depending on your personal routine. For more on how much to eat, check out these guidelines from Precision Nutrition.

nutrition is more than what you eat; it’s how much you eat and when.

To minimize gastric distress, eat a meal two hours before you work out.

If you haven’t eaten for several hours, you may benefit from eating a snack about 30 minutes before exercising. Greek yogurt with nuts and berries, half a peanut butter sandwich, or a handful of trail mix are all good options. Want to make your own snack? Use these tips from John Berardi.

Another great option: creatine, an organic compound produced by the body and found in meat, fish, and supplements that can boost power and endurance. Keep it simple with a pre-workout orange juice drink made with a half scoop of vanilla whey protein, 5 grams of creatine, and 6 ounces of orange juice.

shake things up: smoothies and shakes are a great and easy way to consume the nutrients necessary for recovery.

Going for a long endurance workout?

You may benefit from additional calories depending on your personal routine.

A pre-workout snack can help you fuel up, but it’s incomplete without hydration. Your body needs fluids to run efficiently — not only throughout the day but also during a workout. A great way to hydrate is to drink water with an electrolyte-replacement formula.


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