Member Spotlight: Fred Bartels


Fred Bartels



Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation


Favorite motivational quote:

If you do not sacrifice for your dreams, your dreams will become the sacrifice. It is corny but effective.


How long have you been with UAC & what about UAC enticed you to join? 

I joined UAC basically as soon as it opened. I was a member at CrossFit DC on 14th St. They moved to U St, which was too far for what I am willing to walk before 6 AM. A few weeks after they moved, UAC Shaw opened and solved my gym problem.


What is your favorite lift/movement/workout? 

Snatches. It is so frustrating when you miss it and so satisfying when you hit one. 


What is your favorite thing about UAC?

The infrastructure is top notch. The coaches are really engaged and knowledgeable. It is a great combination that is hard to find.


What are a few of your fitness goals? 

I would like to snatch 0.75 of my body weight, get consistent double unders and maybe one day a pullup.


What do you like to do for fun outside of the gym?

I like food too much, which has a way of undermining the work that I do at the gym.

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