Member Spotlight: Daniel Hatcher


Daniel Hatcher


Partnership director at a national children's health nonprofit, 


Favorite motivational quote: 

Hard work pays off


How long have you been with UAC & what about UAC enticed you to join? 

Since Feb. 2018. I was hooked after taking Matt's Foundation’s series.


What is your favorite lift/movement/workout?

Cleans & snatches and going outside to do a farmer's carry.

What is your favorite thing about UAC?

Love the 9:30 class. The people - from day 1 everyone has been super supportive. The focus on technique and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone while having fun.


What are a few of your fitness goals?

Now that I've gotten better at high box jumps (thanks Matt), I'm trying to get double unders (thank you Ali for the continued support). Also - I'm doing my 3rd DEXA in August and want to keep adding lean mass over the summer.


What do you like to do for fun outside of the gym?

Garden, play squash at the JCC, hang out at Banneker pool and make stuff in the kitchen (like healthy popsicles - see pic).