If you can't take the heat...

It is getting hotter and hotter as we skip spring and dive head first into summer. It's hot, but life goes on. However, we can prepare ourselves to better manage the high temps, and still get the best out of our workouts!


There’s no way around it, you have to drink water, lots and lots of water. You may have gotten away with slacking on your pre-workout hydration, but if you are doing that now, your level of suck is probably even more noticeable that it was during the winter months. Drink water all day, because you’ll start to lose most of it the second you walk in the gym. That’s the most important thing. Water is super necessary for our bodies, especially when it’s hot because we sweat and need a whole lot more than usual. Water cools of the body and makes sure it works right. There are two water related myths: you have to get very dehydrated to notice the risks of dehydration on yourself and focus on how thirsty you are. The latter works ok on a regular basis but not when it is hot out. Drink clear water and avoid coffee or sweet drinks before you head to the gym.


Food seems to be the first thing we give up when it’s hot. It could be a great short term diet but your body needs energy to function well as well as to keep the muscles you worked so hard to get. A great alternative to food are shakes. They give us the protein we need while we don’t force ourselves to eat tons of meat and rice. There is a huge variety to choose from. Drink your shakes for breakfast, dinner or as a snack throughout the day, and add one to your diet for right after you train.


Cotton shirts, long pants, long sleeve shirts are a definite no when it’s hot outside. Chose your clothes wisely and let your body breathe. You will see the workouts will get much easier.


Adjust your training times.Early mornings are coolerand better for work outs compared to the 4pm heat. If your schedule allows book a morning session to stay active.


Last but not least switch your mindset when it comes to training, especially if you struggle when it’s hot.  It is far better to go at 80% than to push yourself like you usually do. Easier training is better than no training. So don’t quit just because you can’t give it your all. Come and work out at a lower intensity.