Introducing Wodify

Preview the Workout, Track Your Progress, Cheer on Fellow Athletes

Not all gym software is created we're switching to Wodify from MindBody Online. Over the next month we will transition, making a complete switch on March 18. 

Here are just a few of Wodify's cool new member features...

  • With the Wodify Athlete App, it will be easier to sign up, check in, and view the daily workout
  • It will enable each member to track their own progress. Log in your scores and weights to keep a record in your account for the next time you beat it!
  • Competition is encouraged, not required -- Wodify's leaderboard displays the gym’s top three male and female performers of all time, giving members a benchmark to meet and beat when they come to workout.
  • Wodify's social platform enables members to connect, build friendships, celebrate victories and more. Connecting with fellow members is a quick like or comment away!
  • Never worry about missing a workout. If you're traveling, you can use Wodifind to locate gyms nearby with Wodify Core to sign up and work out.

Please download Wodify and update your payment information as soon as possible (refer to email sent regarding “Wodify Password Reset” for further instructions). If you did not receive the email or if you have any questions please contact Ali at

To get started using Wodify, please complete the 4 steps below:

  1. Login, update your picture, gender, date of birth, and payment information
  2. Download the Wodify Athlete App in the App Store or Google Play
  3. Watch our instructional videos to learn how to use Wodify. 
  4. Like the Wodify page on Facebook for tips and tricks 

Questions, Issues, or Concerns?  Check out the Help Center or email

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