What Type of Athlete Are You?

Athlete (n) : a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill.

We want you to unleash your inner athlete. 

At UAC, our goal is to ensure our athletes improve and exceed their fitness goals. Our weekly programming format has been designed to help you accomplish that.  We envision all of you as athletes, so you'll see the word ATHLETE more and more in our class and program names.  

For our full schedule please click HERE.

Urban Athlete

This is our normal programmed class with our weekly themes;

  • Monday - Strength
  • Tuesday - Skill + Conditioning
  • Wednesday - Athlete
  • Thursday - Strength
  • Friday - Skill + Conditioning
  • Saturday - Athlete/Coaches Choice

Please note the following changes effective March 5, 2018:

  • 12:00pm Classes are now M/W/F only
  • 8:00am Saturday has been added
  • 7:30pm M-W are now the new Crossfit Athlete class
  • 7:30pm Thur and 6:30pm Fri are no longer on the schedule

Crossfit Athlete

This class is comprised of 20-30 minutes of strength work (including Olympic Lifts) followed by a metcon. It does not follow the normal Urban Athlete weekly breakdown as it has it's own individual programming.

All members are welcome to attend the Crossfit Athlete class, there are absolutely no prerequisites required!

Class is 7:30pm M-W

Yoga Athlete

This isn't your typical yoga class. Instructed by Alex Hoekstra, Yoga Athlete is going to get your heart pumping and sweat dripping. 

While the luxury of the studio is nice, our goal is to grow this class to fill the whole facility, with that in mind, there will NOT be any Open Gym available during this time

Class is 10:00am every Sunday

Oly Athlete + Gymnastics Athlete

Every Sunday we are alternating an Olympic Lifting Class and a Gymnastics Skill Class.

The Oly Athlete class focuses on 1 or 2 lifts during the hour and provides more personal and individualized coaching for these movements.

The Gymnastics Athlete class focuses on developing skills such as handstand pushups, handstand walks, kipping pull ups, toes to bar, chest to bar, bar muscle up, ring muscle up, etc

Class is 9:00am every Sunday

Open Gym Athlete

Open gym is only available during specific hours of the day and for members with a specific Open Gym membership or a Monthly Unlimited membership.

There is no programming offered during these times but it offers a good opportunity to catch any of the coaches during their down time to ask for any advice.

Sign up is available on Wodify. We are enforcing a strict no Open Gym time during any of our classes. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

Barbell Club

This is for athletes who are extremely devoted to Powerlifting or Olympic Lifting. It is an additional club on top of your membership and spots are limited. For now it will meet only once a week with the plan to add another day.

If you are interested, please contact Matt at matt@urbanathletic.club or Jay at jay@urbanathletic.club

$100 members/$150 non-members

The Barbell Club will meet at 12:00pm every Sunday

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