Monthly Member Spotlight: Hanna Abou-El-Seoud

Hanna Abou-El-Seoud

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International Trade and Government Affairs Specialist 

Favorite motivational quote: 

“The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do”

How long have you been with UAC & what about UAC enticed you to join? 

I’ve been with UAC for 5-ish years. Joined for the “outruns” stayed for the dynamic workouts that continue to improve my strength, endurance and technique.

What is your favorite lift/movement/workout? 

I will always prefer the cardio heavy workouts, but dead-lifts have grown to be a personal favorite.  

What is your favorite thing about UAC?

UAC has a great culture of pushing athletes to work hard while also fostering a consistent and supportive community of people. 

What are a few of your fitness goals? 

Now that I have conquered the elementary school rope climb, I would like to break 200lb on my 1RM dead-lift and enhance my kipping pull-up

What do you like to do for fun outside of the gym?

I like to travel, cook and eat which necessitates the need to hit he gym several times a week. 

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