8 Tips to Stay Motivated During the Holidays


The holidays are typically a time during which guys and gals fall short in the gym and slack off from typical workout routines and with family obligations, traveling, and delicious meals, it’s no surprise that belt lines tend to expand.

The good news: You aren’t destined to gain the holiday pounds. In fact, with the right program in place and proper planning, you can maintain your fitness levels while still enjoying time with the family.

Follow these steps to stay on track throughout the holiday season, and avoid backtracking with your health and fitness.

1. Plan your training

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You should always plan out your training for at least a week in advance. This is even more important during the holiday season when vacations and family trips are especially frequent. Luckily with WODIFY, scheduling your classes makes it easy to hold yourself accountable! Schedule your workouts around your travel plans — If you know you’ll be out of the gym for a few days, plan on using those days as a recovery and amp up your training surrounding the trip. Rather than leaving your schedule up to chance, be proactive and set aside dedicated time to hit the gym.

2. Get up and go early


While work commitments die down over the holidays, family commitments ramp up. Change up your schedule to hit the gym earlier to get a workout in before anyone gets out of bed. This way you get your workout in and have plenty of time for getting all the busy holiday stuff done during the day. You may not enjoy waking up at the crack of dawn but you’ll feel better knowing you got your workout out of the way!

3. Recruit a training partner


While it’s hard to motivate yourself to get going on cold mornings, it’s easier if you aren’t doing it alone. Find a workout partner during the holiday season to stay motivated. Make a pact to hold each other accountable. You’ll be less likely to skip with the guilt of leaving your partner hanging.

4. Use bodyweight


Even if you can’t go to the gym during the holiday season, you can still get a great workout in using just your bodyweight. Bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere using little to no equipment, and usually take 20 minutes or less.

For example, set a timer for 20 minutes and see how many times you can go through the following circuit:


5. Never Arrive To Your Holiday Party Hungry.


We oftentimes see the mistake of eating less during the day in order to “save up calories,” but this strategy usually backfires. Feeling super hungry, having a cocktail and having unlimited access to amazing food isn’t usually a good combo. 

Instead, eat regular, healthy meals throughout the day and have a light, protein rich snack before the fun begins. Pre-party noshes that make the ideal snack include: protein shake, an apple with a little almond butter, raw veggies with hummus or a small handful of trail mix! The key here is to include protein. Since protein takes longer to digest, it’s more satiating than a starchier snack. This means, you’ll be able to focus on your friends and not the buffet table.

6. Indulge, and resist


With all of the tasty treats on the holiday table, it’s hard not to give in and eat a week’s worth of calories in one sitting. There’s no sense in depriving yourself from enjoying your favorite foods. Pick the ones you want to indulge in, but limit yourself to one serving. Once you’re done, put the rest in a container and slide it in the fridge. You’ll be less likely to dig in for seconds when the food is already put away.

7. Get more people involved


The holiday season should be time shared with your loved ones. Involve everyone by playing games outside that involve activity or by signing everyone up for a local 5K. This way, you’ll still be able to bond and connect while staying active. A daily walk can be another great way to get everyone moving while still sharing moments together.

8. Keep evaluating yourself


You should continually evaluate your progress to determine if your program is taking you closer or further away from your goals. During the holiday season, this is especially crucial. You’ll be more likely to push away from the table sooner if you see the results (or lack thereof) on the scale and in the gym. Record your progress and track metrics every two weeks during the winter months to stay motivated.

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