Member Spotlight: Allie Gluck

Allie Gluck



Strategy Consultant 

Favorite motivational quote:

"I am Beyoncé always." -Michael Scott

How long have you been with UAC & what about UAC enticed you to join? 

I started in September 2017. Back then I couldn't even tell you what a deadlift was, but a few friends convinced me to try to just one class to see how I liked it. I brought my sister along for support and we never looked back.

What is your favorite lift/movement/workout? 

Squatting, rowing, and Sunday morning yoga. Alternatively, anything that's not running!

What is your favorite thing about UAC?

I love the confidence and motivation UAC has helped me build in my daily life. The incredible coaches and encouraging community motivate me to always be my best, whether I'm working on my lifting technique, waking up super early to make the 6am class, or even chasing personal goals like applying to grad school.

What are a few of your fitness goals? 

I really would like to be able to do just ONE pull up (mainly to redeem myself from middle school gym class). I'm also working to master the side crow pose in yoga.

What do you like to do for fun outside of the gym? 

I'm a big reading nerd and run a badass girl power book club for my friends. I love biking all over the city, especially when I end up at breweries. I'm into exploring new music too, and am super excited to attend the All Things Go festival - thanks UAC and ATG for sponsoring the recent contest!

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