Personal Training options

To help you choose the best Personal Training option for you, read over the following suggestions. Generally we recommend that most people start with twice/week training for the first month and then adjust according to your needs. 

Packages: If you travel frequently or have a dynamic schedule, then a PT Package may be your best bet. You will be able to schedule your sessions to best fit your lifestyle plus you will benefit from our extended expiration date.  

Monthly:  For those who train on a regular schedule and prefer to budget their expenses, then a Monthly PT Plan is your best bet. You'll have a set training schedule and set monthly cost. There is a 3-month commitment. 

Partner: Bring your friend or your partner and workout together. You'll both be pushed hard and the trainer will make sure to accommodate any difference in strength or stamina. 

60-minute vs. 40-minute: We recommend 60-minutes sessions for those clients who have certain physical demands, are training for a specific, short-term goal, have irregular schedules, or can quite simply afford it. Forty-minutes are perfect for the regular, frequent clients who doesn't take long breaks between training. 

Daily Training: These 20-minute daily (Monday through Friday) sessions are for clients who are super busy and super dedicated. Clients will choose a specific time to train each week and commit to one month of training. Contact Chris Wascak directly if you're interested. $690/month

Partner Training Packages

Partner sessions are ideal for 2 or 3 people who prefer to train at the same time. Each person buys their own sessions. If one person shows up then they are charged for 2 sessions.  Prices listed are per person.  

60 Minute

One Partner Session // $62
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10 Partner Sessions // $550 ($55/session)
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40 Minute

One Partner Session // $42
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10 Partner Sessions // $380 ($38/session)
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