UAC welcomes the colonel!

About UAC

Urban Athletic Club is training gym offering well-thought programming, data-driven performance, and skill development training. We're here to help you make real improvements in your strength, conditioning, mobility, and body composition.  
As a Resident of The Colonel, we're offering you some special rates and personalized on-boarding. Below are the steps. 



For Rookies and those coming back from a fitness hiatus.


Skill review

You will meet with one of our coaches for a series (1-3) of sessions to review the skills we perform in class, from the basics like pushups, pullups, squats, and lunges, to more complex movements like the Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Thruster, and Kettlebell swings. 

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Body Composition SCan

Through our partner Composition ID, you'll undergo a DEXA scan, the best-in-class body fat, lean mass, and bone density measuring tool. 


Fitness Assessment

How many pushups can you perform? How much can you deadlift? What's your 400 meter run time? Find out this and more with a Fitness Assessment


jump into a class

For experienced CrossFitters and Athletes.

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If you have some experience with CrossFit, Boot Camps, HIIT classes, or other Functional Fitness classes, then jump right into a class. Click on the button below to create an account and book your first class. 


On-boarding — $225

Residents at The Colonel can purchase this for $150.

Membership — $225/month

Residents at The Colonel can purchase this for $195/month.

9-pack class Package — $185

Residents at The Colonel can purchase this for $175.

Drop-in — $25

Residents at The Colonel can purchase this for $20.