At Urban Athletic Club we like to test our athletes to ensure that we're seeing progress. 


5-rep, max weight. Each athlete will 4 minutes to set their personal record. Score is total weight (i.e. two 40# dumbbells = 80#)


This can be a Goblet Squat, a Front Squat, a Back Squat, or double Dumbbell Squat. 

Kneeling Press

From a bottom kneeling (lunge) position. 




Max Burpees completed in 4 minutes

Garden Sprints (Georgetown)

Max laps completed in 4 minutes

Row (Glover Park)

Max Calories completed in 4 minutes


Hybrid Athlete

Pushup to Sprint

With cones 5 meters apart, athlete will start with 1 pushup and then sprint down and back. Then 2 pushups followed by 2 sprints. Continue for 4 minutes. Score is total rounds plus any partial (i.e. 4 full rounds plus 3 sprints is 4.3)

Kettlebell Swing to Wall Ball

20 of each. Score is total rounds plus any partial (i.e. 3 complete rounds plus 20 KBs plus 4 wall ball is 3.24)