what people are saying

I love the versatility at UAC and the camaraderie with the coaches and other members. I always feel like others are pushing me to do my best and lift heavier.
— Caroline C.

I felt connected to the workouts at UAC that involved skill, conditioning and weight lifting. I've tried a lot of gyms in DC and this was the only place I felt at home AND physically challenged. I also like that every day the workout is different."

- Kristen M.

"I love the community feel and how challenging it is every day! I also love the cold brew and the yoga"

- Nicole L

I think the programming is top notch.  Then coupled with the camaraderie and community is what makes UAC so great in my eyes
— Landon J.

"The trainers are fantastic, and the equipment is great. I am not in the best shape so I was intimidated to go to group classes."

- Andrew R.

"The overall supportive and encouraging culture. It is not just the coaches but the other members as well - it is a great community and helps push you along to finish workouts and meet goals - no matter your level of experience.  I was worried I would be embarrassed and feel silly being so out of shape when I walked in, and not feel part of the team because of an inability to do some of the the movements and lifts, but I found it to be the opposite.  No one shames anyone, everyone encourages you.  I like that we all congratulate each other after a workout - it provides for a sense of shared accomplishment."

- Steven C.

I love the location, the space, the size, the vibe, and the people at UAC. 
— Rhett C.

"I really like the programming.  The consistent strength work allows me to see real gains, and the metcons push me to actually do some cardio (which normally I hate)."

- Carlin G.


"This place is consistently my favorite spot in the district. I always leave feeling completely physically exhausted yet mentally energized."

-Laura B.