Teisha Womack

Urban Athlete Coach

I’m not afraid of change. I’m not afraid of evolving.
— Kobe Bryant


Teisha Womack is NASM certified personal trainer, performance enhancement specialist and a former division 1 and professional basketball player. Teisha played division 1 basketball at Seton Hall University where she led the Big East in rebounds her junior and senior year, as well as playing professionally overseas in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Teisha became a personal trainer because she found strength in the gym, not just physically but through developing mental strength as well. She then had the desire to help others develop their physical and mental strength. She is currently a second year Graduate student at John F. Kennedy studying Sport Psychology.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Teisha's Personal Workout Schedule

Monday: Plyo (40mins)
Tuesday: Leg Day (hour - hour and a half)
Wednesday: Piyo
Thursday: Upper body (one hour)
Friday: SAQ (45min- one hour)
Saturday: Recover
Sunday: Basketball workout (hour and a half - two hours)