Our new Flagship location in the bustling Shaw neighborhood is now open. Programs include the signature Urban Athlete workout, CrossFit, and data-driven Athlete Performance.  


Urban Athlete

UAC's signature strength and sports conditioning class, Urban Athlete applies functional movements to develop strength and endurance while promoting fat loss. Urban Athlete focuses on bodyweight exercises, sports conditioning, and dumbbell and kettlebell lifts without the complex barbell lifts used in CrossFit classes.


CrossFit broadly defined is comprised of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. We incorporate combinations of cardio, bodyweight, and weight training into one hour group classes that also include mobility work and technique instruction.

Athlete Performance

Data-driven, small group, performance-based training. Athletes undergo a series of biometric tests (body fat, resting metabolic rate, and oxygen usage) and strength tests (pushups, pullups, squats) to measure performance over each 3 month training period. 

Personal Training

One-on-one training for those who don’t wish to enter our group classes, have specific sport/competition goals, or who want individualized programming and the accountability that comes with private training. 

RESET Active Recovery

Movement and mobility-based workouts to improve recovery, increase range of motion, and reduce muscle fatigue.

Open Gym

For those individuals who wish to train on their own, UAC Shaw will offer specific times for open gym. 

About the space

Along with the expertise of local architect firm Nahra Design Group we created an open and spacious 3,300 square foot training space designed for high-level sports conditioning, Olympic lifting and strength training, and dynamic bodyweight exercise.  Spacious, private locker rooms and showers provide a luxurious atmosphere after a grueling training session.