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RESET Active Recovery is a new studio concept for athletes, fitness junkies, and exercise enthusiasts that focuses on training recovery, optimizing mobility, self-treating pain and injuries, and other methods that improve daily living, fitness levels, and athletic performance.



RESET has a full range of mobility tools like foam rollers, lacrosse balls, stretch bands, and Mobility WOD tools. There are dowels, parallettes, physio balls, and ankle bands. Our mission is to help you understand how these tools can help you move, and perform, better.


Located in Dupont Circle, RESET consists of 1800 square feet of training space, featuring a bright open studio for unencumbered movement, a private room for one-on-one training, open area for individual use, and a tranquil meditation room.

Getting Started


If you are dealing with limited mobility, constant pain, or trying to determine how to get back to the a fitness routine, then start with a one-on-one consultation.

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Classes and Schedule


Class Descriptions

Urban Athlete | Dupont

50-minute, comprehensive class using med balls, dumbbells, and bodyweight movements. 


Urban Core Moves

An active class using physio balls, med balls, and dynamic movements for a comprehensive, core-centric class. 



URBAN RESET | Active REcovery

Active recovery focuses on completing a workout at a low intensity, but just high enough that it gets the blood moving and helps reduce residual fatigue in the muscle. 

At Urban Reset this means an active warmup followed by foam rolling. Then, we move into performing several full-body movements at varying speeds and duration. Our focus is on form, core stability, full range of motion, and concentration. 


Stretch the technique! Athletes will learn active stretch therapy techniques to restore each muscles' proper length. 


Urban Yoga | Athlete

This class is designed to compliment and enhance all of your training in the gym and on the road. Increase flexibility, stability, stamina, and focus, allowing you to perform better in any and all athletic activities. No matter what your sport, better alignment, greater range of motion, a stronger core, and enhanced proprioception, lead to better performance on game day.

Urban Yoga | Flow

Increase strength, flexibility & balance using a wide array of yoga poses set to current music. Proper alignment is emphasized for maximum stretch and recovery. All levels.

Meet our Team

RESET has partnered with some of DC's most sought-after instructors, coaches, and movement professionals to offer a variety of class formats to help you move better, regain range of motion, recover from training and competition, and restore mindfulness. 



Dupont Circle
1742 Connecticut Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Metro: RED LINE (North Exit)
Bus: 42, L1, L2, H1
Parking: Good luck! Or park at the Universal Building



RESET Pricing Details


Urban Athletic Club Members can register for classes through their account.
UAC Membership Info

One Class $30
12 Classes $300


Private Training

Sessions range from $70-$180 per hour based on session length, number of participants, and availability. Please contact us for more details. 

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
— muhammad ali

why reset?

It all started when...

...I continually saw the same movement imbalances with my clients and athletes. Squats weren't full depth, shoulders lacked full mobility, knees and lower back soreness was common. Yet, even with these limitations, the goals were similar: lose weight, put on muscle, get back to a routine, live a longer, more awesome life. 

Most every fitness concept is about "more, more, more" and "you can do it, just go harder!". But that leaves a big opening for pain, stress, overuse, and, ultimately, quitting the routine. 

The RESET concept is about getting your body back to full ability so you can push hard, climb mountains, lift objects overhead, play sports with your friends, your kids, your competition. It's about un-learning all the bad habits from chairs, heels, sidewalks, and (the biggest culprit) work and the stress it brings. 

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