Active Recovery

Active recovery workouts are intensity high enough to improve circulation, reduce residual muscle fatigue, and improve range of motion. Aside from the physical benefits, AR also improves proprioception, reduces stress, and improves the ability to concentrate.  

At RESET, we start each class with a moving warmup, move on to myofascial release (foam rolling), and then perform a variety of full-body movements, changing movement speed, duration, stability, and other variables to improve motor skills. Our focus is on form, core stability, full range of motion, and concentration. 

Core Moves

More than crunches and planks, Core Moves strengthens your deep core muscles with active and dynamic movements like overhead lunges, bear crawls, and power skaters. We use a wide range of equipment including physio balls, medicine balls, ActivMotion bars, and mini-bands. We'll help you strengthen your core, but we'll leave the diet to you!

Stretch the Technique

Athletes will learn and perform guided active stretch therapy techniques to restore each muscles' proper length. Discover why static stretching is not only harmful to muscles and tendons, but also decreases performance.