Personal Training Rates

Our standard Personal Training rate is $120 per hour. Our rates are dependent on several factors including the trainer's education and certifications, experience, availability, time of training session, length of session, the client's commitment level.  


Our trainers who have more education and certificates have higher rates. Certifications like NASM, ACE, and NSCA are expensive and require annual CECs to maintain. Many trainers hold college degrees in fields like Exercise Science and Kinesiology. 


We charge more for our more experienced trainers as compared to our apprentice trainers. 


Some of our trainers have limited availability and charge accordingly. 


Commitment on your part also affects pricing. If you're looking for a one-time training option, then the price may be higher than if you're willing and able to commit to three or more months.  

Session Length

The length of the session will determine the price. 60-minute sessions cost more than a 40-minute session. 


Private vs. Small Group

One-on-one sessions are more expensive than small group sessions (2-4 clients).