A good trainer can motivate clients; a great trainer can get clients to motivate themselves.
— Graham King, UAC Founder

 Personal Training

The trainers are Urban Athletic Club are here to help you in the areas where you want to see the most improvement (strength gains, weight loss, flexibility and mobility, core strengthening, etc).  Our trainers ensure that you maintain high-quality movements to help you increase your performance. 

To achieve peak performance we apply customized training programs, perform baseline and periodic testing, and provide valuable insight.

The on-boarding process for new personal training clients


[~1 hour/$120]

The first action is to meet you, discover - or help you create - some goals and expectations, and define your expectations. We'll also conduct some basic movement screens; i.e. how you perform movements like squats, pushups, pullups; how you walk and run; examine your basic mobility and flexibility. 

Here’s what to expect on your first session:

Body Metrics and Movement Data

We measure weight, body composition, resting heart rate, and blood pressure. These Body Metrics help set your baseline measurements. 

Active Warmup

Next, we run you through our Active Warmup both to educate on our protocols and also take notes on how you move, imbalances, and any other subjective measurements. The Active Warmup includes movements like inchworms, samson stretches, and frankenstein walks. Don’t worry if they sounds unfamiliar! We’ll teach you!

Movement Tests

Next we move onto some subjective movement tests to help indicate any movement imbalances, range of motion (ROM), weaknesses, or other areas to address. We will test the following movements:

  • Squats
  • Pushups
  • Pullups or Body Row
  • Lunges
  • Hip Hinges

Goal Overview

After that we’ll discuss your goals and put a timetable to it. Whether it’s weight loss, preparing for a competition, or setting a routine, we like to put the goal down and then put a time-table to it.  We will discuss schedule, how many times per week you want a trainer and what you'll do on your own. We'll also discuss budget.

Should you choose to pursue any training option, you'll get a credit towards any purchase. 

2 - Program Design

Once you've committed to training, we'll design a program custom to your goals as well as the information we obtained during your assessment. For example, if you have nagging knee pain and lack of range of movement but your goal is to run a marathon, we're going to have to make some specific adjustments to your program and possibly your timetable!

3 - Program Review

Once we've created your custom program, we'll meet in person to help you understand the work to be done. This is where we get feedback on your performance. For instance, if we program pushups followed by squats, but find your pushup form needs more work, we'll tweak the program to allow for time to work one area without taking away from reaching your desired goal. This is on-going. 


Each trainer brings with them their own unique experience and knowledge, however we all belief in teaching High-Quality Movements. 


Imagine performing 100 straight pushups. At some point your form will break down. You'll start changing your form to complete the number. You're moving from High-Quality Movements to "just getting it done" movements. That's not the foundation of improvement. All of our trainers believe in perfecting movements, not aimless repetitions.


Unless you're Benjamin Button, you're going to age. That means decreased mobility and muscle. Our foundation is to help you move better and with full range of motion.  Squatting at full depth, full overhead pressing, and proper hip hinging are just some examples of what we'll shoot for. As for muscle, we will emphasize improving your strength in all areas: top-end strength, strength-endurance, and power. Fun fact: 5 more pounds of muscle will help you burn about 1 pound of fat each month.