6-Week Corporate Challenge

The Urban Athletic Club 6-week fitness challenge is specifically designed for corporate clients as it's the ideal setting to properly learn how to lift and move, get ramped-up to a solid fitness level, and make measurable and noticeable changes in strength, conditioning, and body composition. 

Where most gyms offer simple discounts to staff, we create a team environment that allows a group to train together, challenge themselves and each other, and hold each other accountable. 

Here's how it works: Each participant meets one-on-one with an Urban Athletic Club Coach where we review exercise history, injuries and/or limitations, and specific goals. We also perform a short and simple fitness assessment. The training program is 2 times per week. Weeks 1-4 are private group sessions at a designated time. These are scheduled in advance and we expect 75% attendance!  After the first 4 weeks individuals are permitted to jump into our regularly scheduled classes. 

Week 1

Performance Assessment

In this week athletes undergo a series of body-weight and endurance exercises to determine their athletic baseline. Athletes are measured again at the end of the program.

Body Composition

Athletes undergo a DEXA Body Composition scan through our partner Composition ID to record body fat, lean mass, and bone density. 


Training in Week 1 centers around proper warm-up protocols, training vernacular, and body-weight exercises.

Week 2

Body-weight, Endurance, and Monostructural Work

Athletes will perform running, biking, rowing, and all other mono-structural exercises. 

Week 3


Athletes will learn Presses, Pushes, Squats and other complexes.


Week 4


Athletes will transition from dumbbells work to barbell work. Athletes will be introduced to Olympic Lifting movements (Clean-and-Jerk and Snatch).

Week 5


Athletes will start going through complexes (couplets, triplets) and traditional CrossFit movements.

Week 6

Full Class and Performance Testing

Athletes will participate in a standard class. The final day will be performance testing.