Johanna Gempeler

Manager + Personal Trainer + Group Workout Coach

Our bodies are made for movement so use it! I believe that if you can find joy in movement you are a huge step closer to achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle
— Johanna Gempeler

About Jo

Jo has a background as a dancer and even though she isn’t dancing currently it has had a major influence on everything she does when it comes to fitness and health. Her passion for dance is what got her into teaching/instructing about 7 years ago, starting as a Zumba dance instructor then moving on to teaching Functional fitness, spinning and core classes.

Large or small, your goals become Jo’s goals and she’ll be there every step of the way creating fun, functional, challenging and effective training programs that will allow you to commit to something and reach your desired results.

She is from Sweden and received her Masters Degree in International Relations from Göteborg University in 2013 and moved to DC in November 2015 shortly after obtaining her Personal Trainer License from one of the leading Swedish PT Schools, The Academy. In addition to being a qualified TRX trainer she recently went back to Sweden to further her training and can now call herself a licensed Nutrition, Heath and Fitness consultant by The Academy. Jo believes that in the fitness industry it’s vital to continuously learn and evolve through research, additional certifications, participating in new classes and training with other PT’s, which is why she hopes to have her Yoga certification in the next year. 

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