Out runners beat the heat by running, chopping, hopping


5 off-the-beaten-path ideas for summer workouts

The Washington Post

"For something different, you can train free until May 31 at the new Roam Fitness (www.roamfitnessdc.com) in Glover Park, a gym focused on getting clients out into the city as much as possible. Give it a try by tagging along for an OutRun — a group training run with breaks that focus on strength building exercises."

Outstanding Physical Challenge with OutRun Offered by Roam Fitness

Burn it Off DC

"We stopped first near a beautiful fountain for box jumps and tri-dips. After this point, we jogged to some trails (never knew they were there – it’s a workout combined with a running tour!) and after pausing for some lunge-jump-switch maneuvers proceeded to run up a serious hill. The running up hills part was definitely the most challenging for me. It takes serious determination to keep up.


The Roam Fitness Outrun

Active Life DC

"The Outruns I participated in were about 3.5 miles long. Chris told me the distances were typical, but that some classes may cover as many as five miles depending on the group and course. Like I said before, the scenery was solid. There were many subtleties that made the run more fun than the average jog through the neighborhood.

New functional fitness gym opens at the Savoy

HyperLocal Glover Park 

 “Our motto, Fitness Without Boundaries, stems from the belief that health and wellness should not be confined to the four walls of a gym,” King tells us.