getting started

The best way to get started is to meet/chat/email about your current fitness level, your exercise history, your goals, plus whatever might affect your performance. Prior to taking a class or chatting about your plans, please start by completing the New Athlete Profile


Take a Class

Our group training classes are open to most athletes. While our coaches can modify or scale exercises, we expect that new athletes have a solid understanding of fitness and are aware of their limitations. We do not recommend taking a class if you're just getting back into fitness or have taken months or years away from the gym. In these cases, please contact us to schedule a private session. 


Set your Baseline 

BODY Composition and Performance Testing

Prior to beginning your training, we will conduct a series of tests to establish baseline measurements. Every 12 weeks we re-test to gauge performance, reset goals, and make programming adjustments. 





Body Composition is the measurement of body fat, lean muscle mass, and bone density. Most people are concerned with their body fat percentage, but lean muscle mass and bone density are equally important measurements of health. 

For a simple, no-cost measurement, we use a simple hand-held bioelectrical impedance machine. To reach more accurate results that also includes lean muscle mass and bone density, we recommend visiting our partner Composition ID for a comprehensive DEXA Scan. Urban Athletic Club members and clients are able to get discounts and free scans. 

Squat Testing

Squat Testing

Performance Data

The goal of training is to achieve fitness. When starting you will be tested on various strength and conditioning exercises like pushups, squats, and running. We re-test every 12 weeks to gauge your performance. 

Account Set-up

We use MindBody Online for purchasing and booking group and personal training sessions.  You can create an account on UAC MindBody here.