Flooring update


Existing space

Project Overview

The noise and vibration caused by Olympic weightlifting is disrupting the business nearest to us. We are going to replace our existing floor with 2.75” rubber tile floor. Ideally we will do this August 2019.


  1. Disassemble the squat rack and remove all equipment. (UAC)

    1. Time - 4 hours.

  2. Remove current flooring, both turf and rubber. (UAC)

    1. Time - 8 hours.

  3. Reassemble squat rack into new position. (UAC)

    1. Time - 4 hours.

  4. Install Rubber flooring.

    1. Estimate 2-3 days.

  5. Install Turf Floor (with rubber underlay)

    1. Estimate 1-2 days.

  6. Install Wooden Platform.

    1. Estimate 1-2 days.

  7. Replace all equipment (UAC)

Layout Flooring update.png

Schematic Design of Space

We have 2 areas: the main workout room and the private studio. We will put rubber flooring in both.

The Main room is 45’ Long x 32’ Wide

The Studio is 24’ Long x 16’ Wide.


Top side


Arena Padded Turf


Rubber flooring we're going to use:


It’s 2.75” thick.

There are transition strips that we will need to install, too.

Turf Floor

Arena Padded Artificial Turf


This is 3/4” thick, so you will have to build up the floor to match the height of the 2.75” rubber floor.

New Layout

The new layout will consist of:

  • Wooden platform running the length of the gym

  • Turn floor running the length of the gym

  • Rubber everywhere else.

My estimate is that we will need about 450 tiles to cover this area.

We will need wood below the turf floor to help raise is to be the same height as the 2.75” thick rubber.

The wood platform will also need to be raised to the 2.75” height.