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New Urban Athlete Strength + Conditioning Program Starts September 11

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Introducing our 10-week, facility-wide program



Over the past several weeks, UAC Coaches have spent hours together updating the Urban Athlete training program to help increase your Strength base, improve your Skills, and challenge your Conditioning through different energy systems (oxidative, glycolytic, and ATP/CP).

UAC Coaches started with a Strength emphasis and next baked-in Conditioning, Skills development, and an introduction (for some) of athletic movements like max sprints, agility ladders, box jumps, and Olympic Lifts. 

Linear Strength Focus

A linear-strength focus allows you to achieve specific, measurable results. For example, 5x5+ squats will push you to find your personal 5-rep max (with perfect form). That’s 5 sets of 5 reps with the final set (5+) lifting at least 5 reps with as many additional reps as possible. 

Conditioning: The long and short of it

As for Metabolic Conditioning (or met-con), we broke the days into two (based on energy-cycles): Oxidative (longer), and ATP-CP/Glycolytic (shorter). Somedays we’re going to ask you to work for a long time (20+ minutes), where other days we’re going to ask for 100% effort in just 1-5 minutes. 

Skill building

When it comes to Skills, over the next 5 weeks you’ll work on the following skills: Snatch, Overhead Squats, Clean and Jerk, Kipping and Dead-hang Pullups, Turkish Get-ups, and Handstands. Every movement is scalable; it’s about improving and learning. 


What’s the rationale? When we started the Urban Athlete program over 2 years ago, we allowed each coach to program the class based on the focus of the day (Strength, Conditioning, Hybrid). While the randomness challenged athletes on a consistent basis, we weren’t able to provide and measure strength and conditioning results. 

Our goal at UAC has always been to help our athletes become stronger, faster, and more athletic. We believe that this new programming will benefit a wide variety of athletes, from those looking for specific strength goals, to this who are looking to improve their conditioning. And, let’s face it, learning new skills is cool. 

The Details

(A) — Strength

Mondays and Thursdays 

  • Strength-focused days allow athletes to discover and improve their top-end strength which helps EVERYTHING! 
  • Mondays
    • 1st 5 weeks: Squats (alternating between Front/Back) 
    • 2nd 5 weeks: Presses (alternating between OH and Bench)  
  • Thursdays
    • 1st 5 weeks: Pressing (alternating between OH and Bench)
    • 2nd 5 weeks: Pulling (alternating between Deadlifts and Cleans)
  • All days include accessory work
  • Short met-cons at the end 

(B) — Skill + Conditioning

Tuesdays and Fridays 

  • We divide the focus into longer workouts, or met-cons (those requiring work of 20-30 minutes of sustained activity, focused on oxidative energy system) and shorter, high-powered activity (those requiring 1-5 minutes of max effort, focuses more on glycolytic and ATP/CP energy systems)
  • Tuesdays
    • 1st 5 weeks feature longer met-cons 
    • 2nd 5 weeks feature multiple, shorter met-cons
  • Fridays
    • 1st 5 weeks feature multiple, shorter met-cons 
    • 2nd 5 weeks feature longer met-cons
  • Both Tuesdays and Fridays start with skill work
    • Skills include Handstands, Turkish Get-ups, Kipping, Overhead Squats, Olympic Lifts, Pistol squats, 

Read more about metabolic pathways 

(C) — Hybrid/Athlete

Wednesdays and Saturdays

  • Hybrid workouts combine the elements of Strength and Conditioning
    • Examples include a DB Thruster/Sprint couplet
  • Athlete workouts featuring Olympic Lifting, SAQ (Speed/Agility/Quickness), and explosive training (box and broad jumps, max effort sprints, and med ball throws)
  • Lifts that don’t appear on A days (in this case, Deadlifts) at a lower intensity (i.e. weight)
  • Hero and Girl WODS will make their appearance! 


From a scheduling perspective, we’ll follow a ABC format for the 10 weeks. 

Class Format

Classes start with the Coach reviewing the Workout, introductions of athletes and coaches. We continue with a general warm-up and move to day-specific exercises. Warm-up includes mobility, myofascial, and dynamic movements. 

After the warm-up, we review the main program again, points of performance, and ensuring all athletes understand the work and emphasis of the day. Weights and movements are scaled as necessary.
Then, 3, 2, 1…GO!

After the workout, we write down scores, commiserate, and cool-down. 


Our goal is to make sure that all athletes start off with a minimum knowledge base for both safety and efficiency purposes. Starting September 5th, we will require all new UAC members to take Foundations. For more advanced athletes, they can choose to use their training sessions to focus on making improvements in skill or improving any sticking points. 

On-boarding includes:

  • 3 Personal Coaching Sessions — New UAC members have the option to use these sessions as Foundations (required for beginners and novice athletes) or skill development and technique improvement (for more advanced athletes). 

Make the most of your Membership

If you’re a current member you get the following benefits:

  • DEXA Body Composition — DEXA scan (DXA) is the most reliable way to measure body fat, bone, and lean muscle throughout your body. This allows you to optimize your program to suit your body’s needs. All new UAC members start with a complimentary scan offered by our partner Composition ID. Follow ups are discounted for members.
  • Cryotherapy Recovery Session — Cryotherapy uses the gaseous form of nitrogen to lower the skin surface temperature from normal body temperature to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds or less, keeping it that way for two-three minutes.Cryotherapy is a recovery tool using supercool. All new UAC members receive one complimentary Cryo session through our partner District Cryotherapy.