Getting Started

intro CLASS

For Beginners

Taking an intro class is great way to check out the CrossFit Shaw experience. This class includes an introduction and short discussion about UAC and CrossFit methodology, a dynamic warm-up, an "all fitness level" workout, and afterwards to answer questions.

Saturday Intro Class - 11 am

January 6 and January 20th


For Beginners

CrossFit Foundations is required for new Athletes prior to starting. Our Foundations consists of 3 private classes to learn the methodology, the exercises (including proper form, scaling up and down), warm-up and cool-down techniques, and all other information relevant to making you a successful CrossFitter. 


For experienced Athletes

For locals with CrossFit or other Strength and Conditioning Training experience who are searching for a CrossFit gym, we invite you to jump into any class on our schedule. 

You can book your class here