Unveiling the Urban Athlete Fall Program

Athletes! All of us at Urban Athletic are excited to announce the start of the Fall training season. This post provides an overview of the updated Urban Athlete Program, including the program goals and the testing week.

If you’ve been training at UAC you know that we’re constantly searching for new ways to offer you the best in fitness and health.  We’ve taken into account the current class structure, client attendance patterns, client feedback, and the current fitness marketplace in preparing the Fall program. The program isn’t a wholesale change from what we’ve been doing, more of a update to better optimize your training. 

Program Overview:

  • Monday/Thursday: Strength/Skill
  • Tuesday/Friday: Conditioning
  • Wednesday/Saturday: Hybrid of Strength/Skill + Conditioning


These training days will primarily be focused on improving strength (for those who have the skill) or Skill (for those who need practice). For instance, if the workout calls for Lunges, then those who are proficient will add weight while those who need practice will focus on perfecting their form. Some days you might spend more time perfecting Skill, others perfecting Strength. Each class will also contain a short, intense conditioning component after the strength component. 


On these days we'll focus on all types of conditioning, from shorter, Tabata-style intervals to longer, endurance-based circuits. Expect these workouts to really test your metabolic and cardio-vascular system. You should also expect that these classes will be taken outside when the weather permits. 

Hybrid — Strength/Skill + Conditioning

These training days will most resemble the current Urban Athlete classes, with a mix of Strength/Skill and Conditioning. As your Strength/Skill and Conditioning improve, you’ll be able to crush these workouts more efficiently. 

Baseline Testing Starts September 19 

STRENGTh — Monday and Thursday

  • #1: 5 Rep Max Squat
  • #2: 5 Rep Max Kneeling Overhead Press

CONDITIONING — Tuesday and Friday

  • #1: Max Rep Burpees
  • #2: Max Running (Garden Laps @ Georgetown) or Rowing (kCal @ Glover)

HYBRID — Wednesday and Saturday

  • #1: Max rounds of 5 Pushups, 5 10-meter Sprints
  • #2: Max rounds of 10 DB Thrusters @ 25% bodyweight and 10 wall balls (10# women, 20# men)

Program Goals

  • Master Basic Skills
  • Learn New Skills
  • Improve Strength


Master Basic Skills

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” — Bruce Lee

In nearly every class we have athletes squat, lunge, push-up, pull-up, or lift a weight. These basic skills are essential to achieving elite fitness. One area of focus this Fall will be to perfect these basic movements. For those of you who can not perform these, we suggest attending classes on a regular basis until you have mastery. 


Develop New Skills

A secondary area of focus this Fall is to teach our athletes new skills and complex movements like Turkish get-ups, DB snatches, and handstands. Why are we doing this? Because complex movements require more focus, more energy (i.e calories), and are just fun to do. 

Plus, if you’re going to spend an hour in the gym, you might as well learn some new tricks.,


Improve Strength

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.” ― Mark Rippetoe

Our goal this Fall is to help you increase overall strength. When you’re stronger, you’re better. Everything you want to do outside the gym - running, sports, rock-climbing, crushing the dance floor at 2 am, playing with your kids -  will be easier when you’re stronger. This Fall we’re going to push you to lift heavier weights; we’re going to ask you to lift faster on some days, slower on others. 

We're also going to improve your conditioning. No, it's not cardio, it's conditioning. That means sprints, sled and box pushes, kettlebell swings, plyos. We want to push your metabolic system to handle higher output, not necessarily longer outputs. 


In creating the program we had a several types of athletes in mind. For the athletes who attend classes daily (i.e. the Lucys, Whitneys, and Coreys) we wanted to create a program where they would have sufficient recovery from each training day. For those athletes who attend classes 2 to 3 times per week we thought about ways that allows you to see progress and that you're constantly challenged. 

For those athletes to attend once a week or less I implore you to consider attending more frequently. Over my 16 years of training athletes of all ages and ability, the greatest and most consistent results come from regular attendance, i.e. three times per week or more.

Furthermore, sticking to a program will produce better, quicker, and more long-term results than jumping from modality to modality. 

Also when you attend workouts regularly our coaches get to know you better. They’re able to help you develop better form (Rachel’s pushups), show you how of voodoo floss can help your tight quads (Danny) and how a lacrosse ball can I help you restore shoulder mobility (all of you).

See you in the gym!