Commitment and Patience

I've been in the health and fitness world for 6 years now.  I've worked every job you can possibly imagine in a gym: wiping down equipment, cleaning up spills, washing the sweaty towels, personal training, instructing group classes, and running a fitness center for one of the most successful electronic companies in the world.  I think it's safe to say I've seen my fair share of "gym goers."

With those thousands of people in mind, I can count the amount of people who have achieved "complete transformation" on my fingers.  What I mean by “complete transformation” is someone came to the gym VERY overweight, out of shape, exercise ignorant and just downright defeated with their physical condition.  Then they made their health a priority.  They treated the gym as their workplace.  They ditched the diet and adopted a healthy eating lifestyle.  As a result, their priorities started to affect their overall well-being for the better. 

Why is this percentage so ridiculously low you ask?  In my opinion, it's your commitment and your patience.  Let's start by comparing your healthy lifestyle to your job.  You started exercising and eating healthy to look better, to be healthier and to be proud that you were able to achieve something that took a ton of work.  You took your job to better yourself financially, to plan for your future and to be proud that you were able to achieve something that took a ton of work.  Are you seeing the common theme here?  Your healthy lifestyle will be a JOB!  It will not be easy.  It will not occur overnight, and you may not always be surrounded by your favorite people, but it CAN be the most rewarding thing in your life and it can be fun. (Side note: for all you people who hate your job, find a new one that you love.  Life is too short, but that is another blog post for another day.)  You would not tell your boss that you didn't have time, that it was too hard, or that you didn't feel like it.  So why the hell would you tell your body that?  MAKE TIME, STRUGGLE THROUGH THE HARDSHIP, AND START "FEELING LIKE IT!"

Step one... you must fully commit.  This doesn't mean you spend $500 on new clothes, shoes, one round of healthy groceries and 2 personal training sessions and see where you are a month from now.  You must go into this thinking that this is the first day of the rest of your life.  You no longer skip the gym on consecutive days, no longer go through a drive through because you are running low on time, and no longer cook unhealthy meals for your family because it's easier.  You wouldn't short change your career, so why short change the only body that you have?

Step two... you must be patient.  This is the hardest part.  Who doesn’t want to be Jordan Belfourt (if you haven't seen Wolf of Wall Street, I highly recommend it) and get rich as fast as humanly possible?  Who doesn’t want to commit to their healthy exercise program and eating regimen and then in one month grace the cover of Men's/Women's Fitness?  But in the real world, this doesn't happen.  You must be patient and pay your dues.  You have to wipe down gym equipment and wash sweaty towels before your job pays off.  In the gym, you have to sweat and suffer before you lose 1/2 a pound.  You must remain patient and realize that any progress is a step towards your goals. Remember, this is a lifelong journey.

The worst news I have for you is that you WILL fail at some point.  You will have weeks where you add a pound in the wrong direction, or you sprain an ankle and can’t train for a few weeks, or you have to travel for business and can't workout.  The best news I have for you is that you find out who you truly are during these moments.  Will you lose your commitment?  Will you feel sorry for yourself?  OR will you rise up and accept the challenge?  How will you respond?  Only you can answer that.

Written By: Christopher Wascak (Director of Operations & Personal Training)