Annaleigh Beich

Urban Athlete Coach

To me, fitness is more than muscles and strength. It’s about your health and the steps you take physically and mentally to strive for an overall better life. It allows you to be committed to something, set goals and reach new heights.
— Annaleigh Beich

About Annaleigh

Annaleigh Beich is a 21 year old Community College Graduate with a transfer associates degree in Arts and Science. She plans to resume her studies within the next year at George Mason University for Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.  She holds two ACE Certifications for Personal Training and Group Fitness Training. She plans to broaden her list of fitness and health credentials in the coming year adding sports nutrition and other specialized training certifications to better enhance her present and future client's experience with her.

Annaleigh has been in the field of fitness for 3 years now both in her own personal time and professionally training at various gyms in Virginia.

Annaleigh's hobbies include: outdoor activities such as running, biking, swimming and hiking. She is a social media lover and blogger, she created a blog called "Sweat and Sparkles Fitness" to better help young women in college and other women get advice on how to love healthier lifestyles and be confident in themselves. She loves fitness and doesn't miss a chance to workout!!

Her mission as a trainer is to create fun, challenging, yet easily modifiable exercises that hit all of the necessary areas that a successful workout should- cardio, total body training, body weight training, weight training, speed, agility and mobility. She intends to make these workouts as effective as possible and allow her clients to see the results they want and work hard for.

My training Schedule

Monday | Weight Training and HIIT (1 Hour)
Tuesday | 5 Mile Run and Core (1 Hour)
Wednesday | Total Body (Body Weight) (1 Hour)
Thursday | Weight Training and 3 Mile Run (1 Hour)
Friday | 5 Mile Run and Core (1 Hour)
Saturday | "Working Rest Day" Yoga or Pilates, sometimes outdoor activities (45 Minutes)
Sunday | Rest Days and occasional outdoor activities

My Personal Nutrition plan

I try to make every meal consist of a Healthy Carbohydrate, Lean Protein (Fish, Turkey, Chicken, Eggs), and greens/veggies. Dairy is always in the form of Almond or Coconut Milk, Greek Yogurt, and the occasional cheese here and there with certain meals. Health fats and sugars are eaten as a snacks: Certified Organic or homemade protein/fruit and nut bars, Raw Almonds, seeds or nuts, fresh fruit, avocados, peanut butter or other natural nut butters and hummus with organic whole grain crackers, pita or veggie sticks. Each meal and snack is spaced out every 2-3 hours to make a total of 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Beverages include water, coconut water, coffee with almond/coconut milk, and herbal lose teas or green tea. Reward days are given usually on weekends or special occasions and that is when alcohol, sugar, and other indulgences are accepted.


ACE Personal Training
ACE Group Fitness Training

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