welcome to your gym

Residents of AdMo Heights are granted a one-year Open gym membership to Urban Athletic Club at the LINE DC.

Our modern, spacious, well-equipped gym is a fully-functional strength and conditioning training gym. In addition to equipment, UAC also offers classes, personal training, and a range of fitness and performance programs. 

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3 Precor Treadmills

2 Precor Ellipticals

2 Precor Bikes (with both clips and straps)

2 Concept2 Rowers

2 Concept2 Skiers


Rogue Squat Rack

3 Rogue Men’s Barbells

2 Rogue Women’s Barbells

Kettlebells and Dumbbells 

Functional Fitness

TRX Suspension Trainers

Plyometric Jumping Boxes

2 Rogue Dog sleds

Foam Rollers




Group Classes

Fit Athlete

Yoga Athlete

Run Club

3-5 mile run

Meets Saturdays 

Personal Training

60 and 40-minute sessions 

Fitness and Body Composition Baseline

Set Your Baseline, track your progress