Mission Statement

At Urban Athletic Club | CrossFit Shaw, our goal is to provide you with the best hour of your day and to teach you the skills to continue your pursuit of fitness for the rest of your life.


We are a training gym. We believe in creating well-thought out programming blocks — typically 6-8 weeks long — that allow our athletes to track and measure improvements, purposely learn new skills, and improve overall strength through progressive strength training. 

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit broadly defined is comprised of constantly-varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.

What does that mean for you and your daily workouts thought?

  • Constantly Varied: Workouts will consist of different combinations of weight training, body weight movements, and cardio every day. This does not mean that we will never repeat a workout (repeating workouts is a great way to measure your progress) and it does not mean that the workouts are completely random.
  • Functional Movements: Compound, multi-joint movements that have carry over into your daily life outside of the gym (sitting down is – or should be – an air squat, picking up that heavy bag of dog food or mulch is a deadlift).
  • High Intensity: This is your application of effort. Sometimes it’s for time, sometimes for load, sometimes for range of motion; but there’s always a way for you to bring intensity into your workout.

The constantly varied part is up to us and the programming that we incorporate. We’ll also help you to refine your movement technique to decrease the risk of injury and to increase efficiency and economy of movement. The intensity piece is largely up to you, but we’ll help you to direct it to the proper avenues.

Mobility is also a huge part of what we do here at CrossFit Shaw. By mobility, we mean the full expression of the natural range of motion of limbs and joints. In fact, Mobility may have the most practical applications and most significant benefits to your life outside the gym.