"If Bootcamp and Your Weekly Group Run Had a Lovechild:
Out Run at Roam Fitness"

~ DC FitCrasher


How it works:


OutRun combines the camaraderie of GROUP RUNS with BOOT CAMP EXERCISES. Our backpacks are stocked with sandbags, parachutes and  resistance bands.


Explore DC, from ROCK CREEK PARK to the JEFFERSON MEMORIAL and everything in between. You'll go places you never knew existed!


Why run alone?! Get fit, have fun and MEET NEW PEOPLE. Join our Facebook page for the latest updates on locations, events, and adventures.


OutRun Deets

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There are two types of OutRuns: the Weekday OutRun and the Weekend OutRun.

The Weekend OutRuns are approximately 90 minutes long and cover +/- 5K at a challenging pace; the stops are equally challenging. We do not recommend the weekend OutRun if you are new to running/fitness or it's been a while since you've worked out. These are free but you must still register.

The Weekday OutRun, or what we call "OutRun Training" are  shorter (but still intense) OutRuns. There is added instruction and scaled exercises to enable all athletes to attend. The location, day, and starting time will vary week to week. Upcoming OutRun Training programs will cover track workouts, barefoot running, Fartlek training, etc. There is a fee for this class. Check our rate page for more information.  

How much is it?

Weekend OutRuns are FREE until 8/31/14.
Weekdays require a class pass purchase. You can start with an Intro Special 2 classes for $25.

What do I get?

We plan the route to take you on fun, challenging, site-worthy runs. Our coaches know the city inside and out, from which monuments to scramble around to which path gets you from Battery-Kemble to Glover-Archbold. We bring backpacks full of equipment like bands, parachutes, and sandbags, which we use in workouts that are planned along the course. These workouts are planned to offer you a comprehensive workout (the main purpose of OutRun). Finally, we curate a great playslist of inspiring, upbeat music. So for about the price of two beers you get a great workout mixed within a fun run with background tunes.

Why are the Weekends Free?

Excellent question! There are a few reasons that we chose to offer free OutRuns this summer. First was strictly promotional. Since we're a small business we don't have the same marketing budget of larger health clubs. As you can see by the Media attention, it's worked! Part of making them free to  have a qualification of more seasoned athletes. Since we typically have one OutRun coach we didn't want slow down the group for newer athletes. This is why we offer the Weekday OutRuns. The groups are typically smaller and there's more instruction. 

Where can I find a schedule?

Check our schedule here. You can also check our Facebook page for complete information about each OutRun.

How long do you run?  

Weekdays we run about 2-4 miles; weekends 4-6.  

What's the pace? 

We stay in a group the entire time and stop every 1/4 to 1/2 mile so pace becomes a non-factor. 

What exercises are done at the stops? 

Body-weight exercises (pushups, pullups, lunges, squats, dips), band exercises (pulls, pushes, rotations), functional strength exercises (lifting logs, sandbags) and any and all new moves! Everything is scalable for all levels.

Should I bring water?  

Yes. We will carry your water, but you should definitely bring it. We can bring water for you for $2. Be sure to contact us ahead of time so we bring it.

What's the deal with music? 

We have it covered and it's awesome. 


To register for this week's class, go to our schedule.

Saturday, 5/17, 9:00 a.m.
Partners and Plyometrics.
Meet at 1150 K St. NW.


Monday, 5/19 6:30 p.m.
Meridian Hill w/ Michael
Meet at Dupont Circle


Tues 5/27, 6:30 p.m.
Lululemon Logan Circle.

Sat 5/31, 8:30 a.m.
Outrun 3.0 Adventure

Check our Facebook page for more information and updates.