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There are two types of OutRuns: the Weekday OutRun and the Weekend OutRun.

The Weekend OutRuns are approximately 90 minutes long and cover +/- 5K at a challenging pace; the stops are equally challenging. We do not recommend the weekend OutRun if you are new to running/fitness or it's been a while since you've worked out.

The Weekday OutRun, or what we call "OutRun Training" are  shorter (but still intense) OutRuns. There is added instruction and scaled exercises to enable all athletes to attend. The location, day, and starting time will vary week to week. Upcoming OutRun Training programs will cover track workouts, barefoot running, Fartlek training, etc.

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Pro-Fuse HIIT fuses Mobility, Strength, and Conditioning in a intense, fun, and energetic class. With HIIT, the workouts are shorter but you’ll actually be working harder than than just running on the treadmill. HIIT is what it says - high-intensity - and the results are undeniable.

Squat, Push, Pull: The foundation of human movement. We combine tried and true complex movements like squats, lunges, pushups and pullups with athletic movements like sprints, jumps, throws, and slams. With static-state cardio you only work a few muscles -  with Pro-Fuse you work them all.


Barbell Club

 Barbell Club features an "open gym" feel where everyone is completing their own workout under the supervision of a strength coach.  The coach is there to spot, give advice, tailor the workout, etc.

Each individual will receive a custom program that they will complete week to week in "blocks" or "phases".  They will also receive a progress sheet to track progress over time as they move through phases.  These programs will be written up by Strength and Conditioning coach Jake Farrow.  Clients are expected to come to 2 of the 3 times a week to complete their program.  

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Personal Training

Our training at Roam Fitness uses functional and athletic training methods, mobility exercises, and interval conditioning to help the athlete achieve all-around fitness.  What is functional training you might ask?  Well, we want to train you to be Strong, Mobile and Conditioned to perform whatever daily tasks you wish.  You need to be strong enough to lift necessary weights, mobile enough to get your body and joints in the correct positions and conditioned to the point where you can do your desired tasks with ease.  Our trainers won’t put you on a machine that has a guided path for your movement, they will train your body to move in the correct path so you can do everything on your own.


 Account set-up 

Before you can book a class, you must create an account in our system.  After you create the account we update it with the sessions you purchased from GILT CITY. 


Contact Chris Wascak at chris.wascak@roamfitnessdc.com or 443.848.8156 for any questions.